Affectionately - i spend most of my time in my room
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  • Affectionately - i spend most of my time in my room

Affectionately - i spend most of my time in my room
£5.00 - £8.00

Available on Limited Edition Cassette and Download.

Affectionately is the project of Californian artist and Jay Som collaborator Zachary Elsasser. Formed in 2015 and coming together upon the disbanding of his band Summer Peaks, the intervening years saw Elsasser battling with insecurity and self-doubt, and these feelings are poured into his debut album ‘i spend most of my time in my room’.

It’s an apt title for the record – created through GarageBand on a phone with one single microphone, and honed while touring as the drummer in Jay Som’s band, the rawness of the songs are transmitted through bare-bones production that allows their vulnerability to shine. “Emotions are not high-budget,” Elsasser says. “Emotions are uniquely raw and seemingly unrefined but they capture the essence of what it means to be.”

Bedroom pop songs that slowly, carefully expand into something more fleshed-out, the album flirts with indie, psych-pop and folk, but never detracts from the pureness at its core. Elsasser sees the album as “the day I move away from my home,” and it serves as a rumination on an isolated period of his life. Written and recorded in the same bedroom he sings of wanting to escape so badly, its creation has allowed significant demons to be put to bed, and for him to slowly emerge as a new person.

Track list:

1. first song
2. i spend most of my time in my room
3. prettiest part of me
4. then you came along
5. when i move on
6. 51
7. shadow you become
8. in your house
9. bed, room, waltz

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